Summer Literary Seminars (SLS) held its opening program in 1998, in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was very small and generally was not supposed to be anything more than a one-off kind of an impromptu event.
This July, 21 years and 30 programs in 5 countries on 3 continents later — over 1300 participants and more than 100 of world’s leading writers and poets and literary scholars and editors on faculty — SLS will mark the end of its long and winding journey with a program in Tbilisi, Georgia (fittingly, a beautiful city steeped in literary history to no less a degree than St. Petersburg but suffused with a decidedly different, near-opposite kind of existential spirit). 
Because it’s time.  Everything that has a beginning must have an end… to coin a phrase. 
— Mikhail Iossel

SLS Georgia 2019 will be the last program—after 21 years and 32 successful events on 3 continents. Come join us for what will be a fantastic farewell experience!

The SLS Georgia Application periods are currently open.  Situated at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Tbilisi, Georgia has an inestimable amount of inspiration to offer writers.

Summer Literary Seminars (SLS) is one of the world’s foremost, one-of- a-kind international literary and cultural organizations, founded in 1998 and has operated on three continents: North America (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), Europe (Tbilisi, Georgia), and Africa (Nairobi-Lamu, Kenya).

SLS enjoys its place as one of the most dynamic and innovative program of its kind, one profoundly affecting everyone who participates in its programs. Many of its participants who have applied over the years have cited the SLS programs as a life-changing experience.