SLS Founding Director Mikhail Iossel’s quick trip down memory lane: Reagan vs Trump, Leningrad, USSR

“In another lifetime, back when I was a very young man in Leningrad, U.S.S.R., my friends (my fellow samizdatchiks) and I would be stunned to hear the rare American visitors to our semi-underground literary club—experimental poets and avant-garde writers from California and New York—criticize Ronald Reagan, and in the most vehement terms, too! Despite our inadequate command of English, we understood the gist of their diatribes, and we just couldn’t believe our ears: Reagan! Our Reagan! Our only hope! How dare they be against him, say such unjust and hurtful things about the great man who had vowed to destroy us, the evil Soviet Union, and consign us to the ash heap of history! We were counting fervently on his being able to do just that: to destroy, once and for all, the indestructible U.S.S.R., our hateful motherland, the only country in the world we’d ever known…”

Read SLS Founding Director Mikhail Iossel’s full article for the New Yorker here.